Whoa.. where has the time gone?

It has been a while since I have added much to my blog. I would like to happily blame my role within Cisco Systems for this. I moved into product management about 2 years ago and have found it difficult to write on my own AND for Cisco at the same time. While I have not been on here to add content, I have been working behind the scenes in Cisco’s Meraki business unit on a number of new features, one of which has taken a lot of my time called “Adaptive Policy”.

To see a little bit of the (mostly Adaptive Policy) things I’ve worked on lately please check out the following links:

Cisco Live US 2019 Breakout Session: https://www.ciscolive.com/global/on-demand-library.html?search=brkcrs-2105#/session/1541700263402001nfc7

Meraki Webinar on Adaptive Policy: https://blubrry.com/meraki_unboxed/60508862/episode-25-smarter-security-policies-for-a-dynamic-network/

Meraki Unboxed Podcast: https://blubrry.com/meraki_unboxed/60508862/episode-25-smarter-security-policies-for-a-dynamic-network/

Cisco Champion Radio – Adaptive Policy: https://soundcloud.com/user-327105904/s7e31-meraki-adaptive-policy?_lrsc=7193dbbe-b484-46d9-9daf-cac7f94c292b&dtid=osolin001080

Cisco Live US 2020 Breakout Session: https://www.ciscolive.com/global/on-demand-library.html?search.featured=cloNewReleases&search=2100#/session/1570157033023001TZGP

Adaptive Policy Documentation (co-wrote this with a peer including all follow-up docs): https://documentation.meraki.com/zGeneral_Administration/Cross-Platform_Content/Adaptive_Policy/Adaptive_Policy_Overview

Adaptive Policy Videos on Cisco Meraki Knowledge Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9tG2WCbXnfaGu4uHDofpP_QpzMhkvb9D

I do plan to hopefully continue recording videos and writing, but it may be more just me linking to official documentation and content here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for visiting my page!

Wifi and Meraki Widgets for Mac and Windows

I recently decided to try to learn how to write python a little bit. I’m still not very good at it, however I did create something recently that I feel should be shared! Meraki local status pages can provide some very useful information for troubleshooting, however having to browse to ap.meraki.com/switch.meraki.com/wired.meraki.com is not always desirable, nor does it update quickly if you are walking around troubleshooting and connecting to different devices. So I figured hey, lets create a widget or skin for some common overlay tools out there (Ubersicht for Mac, and Rainmeter for Windows) and try and populate some useful information. So without further droning on, I want to introduce the tools I created! 

Meraki Skin for Rainmeter (Windows)

This skin requires the use of Rainmeter for Windows. For those not familiar, Rainmeter is a free tool that allows you to do anything from display useful data about your computer, to writing entire user interfaces to perform just about any function.
My rainmeter skin combines a number of bits of data, from the wifi stats out of netsh, IP info from netsh, and a bunch of data points from the first MR, MS, and/or MX that you are connected behind. There is also a hard requirement for Python3 to be installed in your PATH. This is so rainmeter can execute the script associated without having to derive the correct path based on installation. 
For more information please check out the github repo at: Meraki Rainmeter

Meraki Widget for Ubersicht (Mac)

Colorized based on connection quality

This widget requires the use of Ubersicht as a widget overlay tool. For those not familiar, Ubersicht is extremely lightweight and has a number of really cool widgets you can install. 

This widget has a hard requirement for python3 to be installed as well. One of the neat features of Uebersicht is I was able to color code some of the values for RSSI, Noise Floor, and if connected to an MR, the SNR from an AP perspective. These will change colors based on connectivity from green to yellow, to red. (Special thanks to Nathan Wiens @nwiens for helping me with the HTML)

To install please either browse to the Ubersicht widgets repo 
Or to my GitHub Repo

As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback please leave it in the comments section below. Thanks!

2018! What’s next?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve taken a break from releasing any new material for the blog. After achieving the CWNE certification and my wife and I having our 3rd child it felt like a good time to relax. Good news is I am going to get back at it. You may see a little change from my past posts. I plan on finishing the ISE training videos but will also have some side projects that I will be posting involving other products and integrations.

I look forward to this year and thank each and every one of you for visiting my blog. Hopefully I get to meet some of you at WLPC this year. Have a great 2018!

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Smiles from Reagan, Spencer, and Cooper!