Cisco ISE, Wifi

BYOD with Device Registration and Native Supplicant Provisioning

Aside from standard radius authentication and guest access, ISE is also useful for secure BYOD access. In this video I walk through building an onboarding SSID and Secure SSID in dashboard. Then in ISE we configure the guest portal, certificate template, native supplicant provisioning profile, and rule sets to put it all in play. Once… Continue reading BYOD with Device Registration and Native Supplicant Provisioning

perf, Wifi

iPerf for Performance Testing

Over the years of working with customers and other fellow engineers I have run into a number of situations where wired and wireless performance testing was requested. This has ranged from "look how much bandwidth I can push through this AP" to just level setting expectations and verification. Typically I see people running various internet speed… Continue reading iPerf for Performance Testing

Cisco ISE, Wifi

Cisco ISE & Meraki How-To Videos

Over the past few months I have been recording videos for internal training. I have decided I would rather make them publicly available as hopefully they will benefit the greater networking community as well. They are rough around the edges. I did not spare any time trying to clean them up unless I completely messed… Continue reading Cisco ISE & Meraki How-To Videos